Wednesday, February 4, 2009

More Questions Than Answers

This administration has definitely done some great things so far. Closing of Gitmo, Fair Pay Act, and just generally freezing all Bush-era (I love saying that) policies for review are great. But, his political appointments, not so great. I'm one of the "STFU Republicans," but I understand that Obama wants more than revenge. However, it's making him look stupid. It's making all of us look stupid (I think).

So, my question is: Are all politicians and lobbyists corrupt? I was under the distinct impression that the answer is no. I've actually been a big defender of lobbyists in the past. But, increasingly, it's seeming that the answer is: eh, maybe. At least they're all as confused by the tax laws as the rest of us. Do we take these tax errors as errors or "errors"?

And what level of corruption is unacceptable? I mean, how many Bush appointees have been called out and/or punished for their significantly worse actions and misdeeds? Are these errors ("errors"?) a result of the Bush-era political atmosphere?

I've got to be honest, I want Obama to know better. He knows so many of these appointees personally or professionally or both. Shouldn't these things be known before they blow up like landmines? I want him to. Even worse, I expect him to. I'm afraid our high expectations are like sabotaging this whole Change deal. Ok, not afraid, not concerned, wary. Wary of the weight of high expectations.

Is it just coincidence that appointees are making "errors" (errors?) or do we have a real epidemic on our hands? Are these errors ("errors"?) symptoms of the 24-hour news cycle or the result of deep background checks?

I'm so confused!!

Who's good? Who's bad? WTF is going on and how can we fix it?

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