Wednesday, December 10, 2008

How can I say this?? You're wrong

So, I saw this the other day and laughed:

First of all, it's funny, but more importantly, it's true. I'm so sick and tired of having to defend equality. I'm sick of the Prop H8-ers, of the fundies, of the "civil unions are ok" people. No. Separate is not equal and marriage is a state institution. You and your partner can go into a church (or house of worship) and say your vows, but without a marriage license, you're not married. Conversely, you can go to town hall and say your vows before a judge or clerk, never set foot in a church, and be married.

So really, let's just get this equality thing on the books and everyone chill the fuck out. Civil unions are not equal. And, I don't really understand this thinking at all. Marriage is not car insurance. You can't pick the features you want. You're either married or you're not. It's very simple.

One reason this issue touches me is because my parents are an interracial couple and married only four years after Loving v Virginia. They endured hell to date and my mom, who's white, was shunned by her mother (didn't attend the wedding, never met or wanted to meet me, her oldest grandchild). People are people, rights are rights, and to quote Loving v Virginia, "Marriage is one of the 'basic civil rights of man,'..." So, to all those people out there who are opposed to gay marriage: You're wrong. Go worry about your own lives and stay out of everyone else's.

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Gilliebean said...

Thank you! I hope our children's generation will look back at this fight for gay marriage the way we look at the bans on interracial marriages 40 years ago. Really, guys? Are we still trying to deprive people of their rights? You'd think that game would get old by now.

Why is this even a freaking discussion? Like letting two dudes marry is going to threaten the sacred institution of straight marriage... that ends in divorce 50 percent of the time.