Wednesday, July 9, 2008

John McCain's Balance: Senate 0, Campaign 100%

I know, it’s almost a week after the 4th of July. I’ve missed the celebratory bandwagon and now it’s back to politics as usual. Well, maybe I just needed some extra time to reflect on our situation. Each of the presidential candidates was asked to submit an essay about what “patriotism” means to them. John McCain focused on sacrifice, and Obama focused on faith in each other and in the American way (but, of course, also had to pay homage to McCain’s military service). Interesting, but do either actually do as they say or do they just expect us to look the other way when their actions contradict their words? John McCain is certainly expecting the public and the media to turn a blind eye to his hypocrisy (and, lucky for him, he’s getting it).

McCain always has a lot to say about duty and about his lifetime of service, but it appears that John McCain is sacrificing his duty in order to further his own goals. Why else would he be the most absent Senator, missing 61.8% of the votes in the 110th Congress? And today, of all days, McCain was absent again, campaigning in (insert state he’s going to lose here). Today is the day that McCain had an opportunity to stand up for the Constitution and for senior citizens or continue to act as a puppet for the neocons and big business. Unfortunately, he chose to do nothing. He couldn’t even bother to take a day off from campaigning in order to vote on the FISA and Medicare bills. Frankly, I’m not going accept any excuse that he’s too busy campaigning to do his job. Maybe he shouldn’t campaign if he can’t also handle his sworn duty to the Constitution.

And, I think I need to point out that Senator Edward Kennedy managed to make it to the senate votes on FISA and Medicare today. He’s recovering from brain surgery and undergoing chemotherapy for brain cancer and he was there Brain Cancer! Chemotherapy! And he can still make it.

What does this say about John McCain?

It says he cares more about himself than America. Sure, he can talk about his service, which I’m convinced he would have never done if his father and grandfather hadn’t been Admirals, but that’s really neither here nor there. And, of course, we’re not permitted to discuss just what McCain’s military record says about his service (demerits, reprimands, plane crashes, etc). Even if we put all that aside, and I’m not quite willing to, John McCain’s Senate record says one thing: he doesn’t care about America. He has cared more about himself than his sworn duty, so much so that he hasn’t cast a vote since April 8, 2008.

Is this the type of person we need in the White House? Someone who can’t even take a stand, even an unpopular one? Someone who needs weekends and 250 days to get used to the rigors of office?

But, even more disturbing than the absenteeism, if you can imagine it, is the fact that John McCain has the nerve to accuse Obama of “flip-flopping” on many issues, but FISA in particular. Perhaps someone forgot to mention to Johnny that he can’t attack his opponent’s position if he doesn’t have one on the books. And, John McCain’s positions are, shall we say, less than clear. Since he’s absent more than he’s present, we can’t even turn to his votes for clarity. Well, that’s unfair. He does vote periodically. And when he does, he votes the party line.

John McCain isn’t the answer. He’s the problem. He’s a disgrace to the US Senate. He offers confused, messy policies and no spine. John McCain is a puppet of the neocon corporate interests. He’s a sickening hypocrite and I can’t take his lies any more!

John McCain's Patriotism

Barack Obama's Patriotism

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