Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Clean Slate for 2008

New Year’s Resolutions. We all make them. Or we resolve to make them. What is so compelling about January 1? I like the whole “clean slate” idea. The whole year holds so much potential, untarnished by the follies of the previous year. And 2008 is a year with more potential than the previous years have had. We will finally have a chance to break the crippling hold of the conservative minority. We will have the opportunity to elect a government that can return America to dignity in the global community.

When I think of all the potential 2008 holds, my stomach practically flips with excitement. We have an extremely important presidential election. The chance to make an historic election. We may have out first female president. Or our first black leader. I see a chance for the Democratic Party to win by huge margins. The Republican Party is faltering and we just need to capitalize on their numerous gaffes.

I also see 2008 as the year when we can return to politics and policies for Americans. I envision the end of ridiculous tax cuts for the wealthy, tax havens for businesses, tax breaks for oil. And with that, we have an opportunity for a balanced budget. Fiscal responsibility isn’t easy, but someone has to do it. The mortgage crisis is just the latest proof that citizens are taking their spending cues from the government. Except the government can steal from education and social security to pay for its spending spree. Regular citizens, on the other hand, default.

Once we have our budget under control, we can set out improving America. Health care, education, Social Security. All are currently outdated programs that have just been repackaged over the years. What we have this year is a golden opportunity to lay the groundwork for complete over haul. Let’s put America in the lead in the 21st century. We’ve fallen behind drastically under Bush’s watch, and we can’t afford to play catch up. We need to start strong with innovative policies, not reactive ones.

Of course, the clean slate of 2008 also puts me on edge. Too many times have we seen the Democratic Party slip in the face of golden opportunity. Too many times has the Democratic Party seemed weak in the face of ridiculous Republican accusations and spin. We need to be aggressive from the beginning. Too much is at stake this year. We need to come together. Despite our differences, we can still come together behind one candidate. Despite our differences, we can play a better, cleaner game than our opponents.

So, these are my hopes for 2008. Let’s stay positive and make this year a victory.
(Ok, yes, I’ve also been watching a lot of football).

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